About Us

  • We possess quarries of Forest Green, Beige Marble, Mercury Black, PB White, Ice Berg marble etc.
  • We import Marble Blocks from Italy and Turkey and after processing, selling the same from the Indian market.
  • We processing unit is equipped with state of the art hi-tech machineries coupled with 6 Gangsaws, 2 line polishers, tiling plant and edge cutting plant etc.
  • We can supply Dressed Marble Blocks and finished product in various dimensions and thickness.
  • We export its product to more than forty countries of the world and its product is well known in the international market.
  • At Mumal Marbles all varieties of Marble are available under one roof.

The company’s quarries are fully mechanized and scientifically developed. The Green Marble quarry is located at Keshariyaji, in the district of Udaipur, White Marble quarry located at Talai in the district of Rajsamand in the State of Rajasthan and Beige Marble quarry located at Katni in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The company takes utmost care to maintain strict quality control and to supply premium quality material at fair price to its customers. The company has a track record of supplying premium quality material to the customers across the globe and the company built a reputation in the trade. No wonder we are the superior quality producer and leader in the trade. The reason for our success is due to strict quality control coupled with our resources and the facilities to adapt to the needs of our client. Our business philosophy is of total customer satisfaction.